In Plain Sight

A Novel by Tim Wirzburger

In Plain Sight Cover


Camp Bohr was supposed to be a normal summer camp: cabins in the woods, a beautiful lake, and dozens of teenagers just like Chris. However, strange things begin happening almost immediately—and Chris seems to be the only one who’s noticing.

When Chris starts uncovering sinister secrets at every turn, he’s determined to find out what’s behind it all and to keep himself and his friends safe. When he realizes that the answers are connected to his painful past, the truth is worse than he can imagine.


A shamed Chicago police officer is desperate to earn back the trust of his precinct. What starts as a secret investigation into the murder of his partner quickly escalates into uncovering a massive conspiracy decades in the making.


A young soldier is on patrol in Vietnam when his platoon is ambushed in the jungle. His motivation for survival is the very thing that ends up betraying him, setting into motion a wicked plan that will change the world forever.


All three story lines of In Plain Sight are deeply interconnected. They whisper hints of each other until they all converge at the end in ways the reader will never see coming.


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Meet the Author

This is Tim's debut novel and a project that started when he was a teenager. It's been reimagined, neglected, torn down, and rebuilt many times during that span.

Tim works as a freelance marketing consultant and SEO strategist. He spends his free time reading, road tripping, and looking for cool things with his dog Levi. He also co-hosts the popular hockey podcast, Dropping the Gloves.

Follow Tim on Instagram: @twirzburger